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Amnisos Taxi Transfer

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From Heraklion airport to Amnisos, we offer transportation with taxi, minivan or minibus at preferential prices, with our 20-year experience. Make your booking without credit card fees, and get a discount on the movement of your return

Amnisos is 7 km east of Heraklion (Iraklio) on a beach used for recreation by the citizens of the modern city. The current sea level is three meters higher than the bronze-aged sea level. Drowned houses are visible.

The ancient settlement bears the same name as the river exiting there. Currently called the Karteros, from the iron-aged name of Caeratus, the river was the Amnisos during the Bronze Age. Across from its mouth is a very small island called Amnisos. The river begins on Mount Ida in central Crete and runs through Karteros Ravine. During the drier season, the river is reduced to a stream. The divinities, Amnisiades, were associated with the river.

There was no navigable stream to Knossos, today part of the port city. The road was lined with very ancient cult sites. One site is the cave of the goddess Eileithyia. It contained objects dating as far back as the neolithic period.

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